Unveiling Prof. Nze’s New Theoretical Framework – VOST

Unveiling Prof. Nze's New Theoretical Framework - VOST
Prof. MarkAnthony Nze

As times change, the very practices, systems, and operations that govern different sectors of society change. The old models become unsuitable for the current realities on the ground, and then it behooves the theorists, researchers, and inquisitors to find out what model the world needs at that time.

A failure to change with time and tides can spell doom for any industry, society, or country, which is why every new theory and thought pattern are welcomed at different curves. One such innovative, modernistic, and promising theoretical framework is the Prof. MarkAnthony Nze Value-Oriented System Theory in Contemporary Times which has just been unveiled by the renowned academic, literary icon and media executive.

‘The Value-Oriented System Theory in Contemporary Times’ captures the essence of building the Value-Oriented System as a model of knowledge creation and discovery in academia, business, and government. It does not leave any sphere or strata of society behind because it can be duly channelled to bring about the same positive results across the board, provided the model is properly built and implemented in areas where it is needed. This is indeed a game changer that will shape mankind in the nearest future and for many years to come.

The V.O. System as he will prefer to call is, ‘an intellectual framework that incorporates three core components: (1) Value Oriented Thinking Processes; (2) Knowledge Creation & Management; and (3) Social Change Strategies for Developmental Growth and Transformation through Innovation & Entrepreneurship.’

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These components all come together to create the value-oriented solution that is grossly lacking across our spheres of activities. Hence, when one can bring to bear value-oriented thinking, alongside the creation and management of knowledge while including strategies towards developmental growth and transmission through innovation and entrepreneurship, the equation is complete and the expected result is reached as seen in the equation below:

Here, 1+19 = VOST

In the above mathematical equation, 1 is Accuracy, and 19 represents Speed while VOST is the Value-Oriented System in Contemporary Times.

In reverse order, you would also be right to say VOST = 1 + 19.

Further explaining the above equation, accuracy, which is represented by 1 refers to the act of accurately capturing and analysing information from the environment using relevant data sets. This accurate capturing allows us to evaluate new ideas, create innovative solutions where needed, and develop solutions to complex problems.

Accuracy is measured by the speed of solution generation in reaction to changes in the environment. Therefore, the rate at which a solution is generated for an existing problem or new change in a given environment, whether academic or political is what is termed accuracy.

On the other hand, Speed, which is represented by 19 refers to the amount of time it takes for a new idea to be created, evaluated, and implemented into reality. For many people, and in many fields, idea generation takes years, and the implementation, even more, with a lot of bumps and hitches. However, you can say you have achieved speed when a new idea is thought out, brought to life, and implemented in due time.

VOST is the process of developing awareness about the world around us using value-oriented thinking processes as opposed to non-value-oriented thinking processes. The reason value-oriented thinking processes are favoured over their non-value counterpart is that they are purposeful and can bring about solutions and results.

To get the best out of VOST and use it effectively, we need to know what exactly our goals and objectives are so that we can determine whether the output of a given action is relevant to achieving those objectives.

In summary, VOST is a collection of skills that allow us to analyse and interpret information to generate new ideas and implement them into reality in reaction to changes in the environment.

Going back to the three components of VOST as proposed by Prof. MarkAnthony Nze, it is important to shed some light as it is only a perfect understanding of this theory that will guarantee a value-oriented experience anywhere else.

(1) Value Oriented Thinking Processes;

The first component of the VOST framework is Value Oriented Thinking Processes (VOTP). It is a set of mental tools and techniques that help individuals capture and analyze information from the environment to identify new ideas and solutions to existing problems. This component remains relevant whether the environment in question is an academic one, a social one, or even a personal situation.

(2) Knowledge Creation & Management; and

The second component is Knowledge Creation & Management (KCM). KCM is the process of creating new ideas, solutions to existing problems, and products through innovation. Just as the world and its systems unfold alongside never-before-experienced situations, the creation and management of knowledge have become a crucial part of the VOST framework and related practices.

(3) Social Change Strategies for Developmental Growth & Transformation through Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Social Change Strategies for Developmental Growth & Transformation through Innovation & Entrepreneurship (SCSDI) is the process of implementing new ideas and creating new solutions to old problems.

Unlike mathematical problems that can be solved by a singular formula, the problems people face across modern society are not a one-size-fits-all, In fact, some old problems exist in several fields with no answers in sight here.

This component sees to the creation of solutions to problems that have been on the ground, whether for a short while or a long time.
Innovation and entrepreneurship are two big areas where this theory will come to play for massive results.

In conclusion, the Prof. MarkAnthony Nze Value-Oriented System Theory in Contemporary Times is a pace-setter for many other promising theories, as well as an intellectual light leading people and institutions through the changing times and helping them solve problems that were previously considered problematic.

This effort right here is not just creative and innovative, it is mind-blowing, game changing and value-adding. Prof. Nze has once again, shown clearly without equivocation that he earned every accolade that has been showered on him and he surely deserves his flowers. The Prof. MarkAnthony Nze Value-Oriented System Theory in Contemporary Times came at the right time and will surely not go unnoticed.

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