One will recall that on the 10th of March, 2022, he was temporarily suspended by the national body of the NURTW after allegedly committing certain infractions. Surprisingly, barely hours later, he held a press conference and directed the governor to set up a park management system to avoid the breakdown of law and order in Lagos. Barely four weeks later, precisely on the 7th of April, 2022, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu heeded the clarion call by this thuggish being who has now a noble ambassador of Lagos, appointing him as the head of the Parks Management Committee barely 24 hours after he was permanently removed from office by NURTW at the national level. That is the level of power Mc Oluomo has and that is the amount of influence he wields.

On several occasions, MC Oluomo has been seen boasting severally that he is the son of Governor Emeritus of Lagos, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and therefore untouchable. In a state where a retired high court judge has to go to court for his retirement benefits, MC Oluomo exemplifies the collective conscience and value system as a country that will leave any sane individual depressed.

The NURTW which MC Oluomo controls and superintends has now grown to become a potent weapon used by the Generalissimo of Lagos politics and the self-styled Jagaban to sustain his hegemonic hold on Lagos politics. Just like Oluomo, the motor park touts who work with him are filthy rich, sending their families abroad to live. MC Oluomo himself have his children in the United States were they currently feast on the toils and suffering of the inhabitants of Lagos State.

These political thugs have become so powerful that they have access to the innermost recess of the political class, and are factored into every political planning. Nigeria’s President-elect, Bola Tinubu will most likely attend to them first before attending to members of the Academic Union of Universities (ASUU). These thins are the ones who are sent to silence political opponents, cause mayhem in places where law and order seem to be too sophisticated to penetrate, and constitute the major weaponry deployed on election days.

As seen in the just concluded elections, they are the ones who snatch ballot boxes, scare electorates to their pants off the polling booths in places where opponents have major holds, and generally, they are the brains behind the violence that undergirds Nigerian politics.

The kind of politics that Tinubu and his goons introduced to Lagos State should leave any sane mind worried.

Tinubu and every of his handpicked governors that have governed Lagos has consistently taken unfair advantage of Lagosians. They have used the vulnerability of Lagosians for their personal benefit and self-aggrandisement. As victims of exploitation, Lagosians are worse off today than at any time in history. Lagosians have become serfs used for the benefit of Tinubu – the feudal lord. Many Lagosians have now been left to their fates and left to lick their wounds.

Going forward, the current Governor of the State, Sanwo-Olu must do well to ask himself what the diversity of Lagos truly means to him. Does he see the people as mere numbers to exploit for economic and political gains or as a composition of living breathing humans whose dignity must be assured? Hopefully, it is not too late for him to rise above the murky ethos inaugurated by the political bandits and the MC Oluomos who made him what he is today.

For MC Olumo and his goons, the days of reckoning are coming. A day when people will stand on their feet and shout; ‘Enough is enough!’. A day when people will take their trained wild animals to their polling units to defend themselves and dare the consequences. A day when people will take their destinies into their own hands, Surely, that day is coming.

Africa Digital News, New York