Trump’s Ordeals, A Great Omen For America’s Democracy

Trump's Ordeals, A Great Omen For America’s Democracy
Donald Trump

As far as the history and democracy of the United States is concerned, these are not only interesting times but defining moments. Ahead of next year’s elections, it is almost certain that things are about to get messy with Donald Trump.

A few days ago, many people were stunned when a New York grand jury made up of ordinary, wise Americans took the extraordinary step of voting to indict the ex-president who has now earned the shame and indignity that will forever shadow him.

It is no longer news that, Trump, a former President of the United States was indicted last week in a way that could herald the trifecta of ignominy: impeached, indicted and maybe incarcerated.

Ever since he took advantage of the fault lines in American politics to manipulate himself into power, he has remained nothing but a mistake to democracy and leadership.

Ever since he declared his intentions to complete his humiliation by contesting the 2024 elections, millions of enlightened Americans have over the last few months seen themselves oscillating from hope to despair that this day would ever arrive. Little wonder why his indictment has been met with with a huge sigh of relief in several quarters.

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However, regardless of how Donald Trump himself or his maniacal supporters decide to respond to the glorious news of the grand jury’s indictment, no one really cares.

Of course no one really cares if his dead-end cultists decide to take up their leader’s predictable and demented call to ‘take to the streets’ – with or without tiki torches or flag-draped trucks. No one cares what they decide to do as long as they don’t break any known laws. However, they must be reminded that should they opt to do what they have been primed to do by a preening fascist, the MAGA stooges will not go scot-free as they will be severely dealt with. Just as the thousands of rampaging insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol on the 6th of January, 2021, they will not be allowed to torpedo the oldest democracy in the world. They must be reminded that those who nursed the intent of overturning that presidential election went on to face the consequences of their pernicious actions.

Mr. Trump will have to be reminded that contrary to what he feels, no one cares about how he will leverage the indictment for his sick, political advantage today or tomorrow. The arms of the law have caught up with him and that is what matters.

Many observers have tried to make some assumptions about an upswell of support for Trump but who cares whether Trump’s support among swing, ‘independent’ voters ticks up or not in light of the indictment? It is well within the rights to do so but the truth has to be said regardless of whose ox is gored.

As expected, conspiracy theorists are already cooking propaganda and lies but Trump must be reminded that his blind, obnoxious sycophants in Congress can only try as much they can to smear and discredit Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and dismiss the indictment as a politically motivated ‘witch hunt’ but facts are facts and often, they are too stubborn.

Some fretting naysayers have already gone to town with their concerns and some are already worried that the still mysterious charges may be difficult to prove or that Trump will emerge as a martyr – strengthened and an even more formidable political force. Well, what is important here is that a well-coordinated attempt was made to defend democracy against Trump and that is beyond gratifying.

Beyond the loud claims and big noise, every lover of the United States and it’s admired democracy should be celebrating that this conniving, manipulative, future felon will belatedly face the legal comeuppance which before now he was able to smartly avoid.

Americans should be celebrating the fact that Trump will be arrested, fingerprinted, hopefully handcuffed, and forced to face a judge and answer to the more than 30 charges that are reportedly being tendered.

Surely, the serious possibility that Trump will have to stand in front of a well-placed camera with his mouth shut for a ‘mug shot’ that will, most likely be leaked for a healthy sum to the celebrity gossip site, TMZ, and then fixed in American history should call for serious celebration from true Americans.

It is certainly worth celebrating that enlightened people who live or work in New York as well as other relieved Americans will be able to gather outside the courthouse where Trump will be arraigned sometime next Tuesday and be able to chant in righteous unison: Lock him up!

This will signal very big wins for American democracy.

When one remembers that Trump and his grovelling gang of supporters and asslickers will appear to have been caught unaware that the grand jury was at work and fulfilled its constitutional duty without fear or favour calls for so much jubilation.

The so-called overrated ‘master manipulator’ was convinced that his preemptive strike where he announced his imminent arrest had caused prosecutors to drop their criminal probe into a hush money payment scheme designed to bury his tryst with a porn star but alas, he was only deluding himself.

Going forward, Americans must begin to celebrate the woman at the centre of the indictment, Stormy Daniels who opted to stand her ground with grace and humour in the face of a stream of ugly attacks on her character and appearance by a crass, philandering ex-president who was such a failure at controlling his below the belt faculties.

Mr. Trump will surely struggle to come to terms with the fact that the faithful consigliere turned cooperating witness, Michael Cohen, has exacted his revenge on ‘Don’ Trump and can enjoy the sweet fruits of his truth-telling.

It is rather heartwarming that a district attorney, who once seemed prepared to allow Trump to slip through his grip, has finally decided to follow the brave lead of former prosecutors in his office who were convinced that Trump should have been charged years ago. This shows courage and strength of character and that in itself is worth celebrating.

The grand jury which is made up of ordinary, wise Americans has succeeded in doing what the Department of Justice and a special counsel have, to date, failed to do which is simply to hold a thug president to some measure of account in defence of the American democracy and constitution.

Going forward, it is soul-lifting to note that the indictment will be a harbinger and a warning to future presidents that no one is indeed above the law and that the once unbreachable Rubicon has, after more than two centuries in the life of America’s tumultuous republic, been crossed. The obvious conclusion is that these are wonderful times for America’s frail and fraying democracy and the rule of law. Trump’s ordeal is surely an amazing opportunity for America.

Africa Digital News, New York