Scholarships For 100,000 Nigerians At New York Learning Hub

Scholarships For 100,000 Nigerians At New York Learning Hub

Many words have been used to describe education, just as so many quotes have been coined about the same topic. But the simple quote by Marian Wright Edelman on the topic will always resound across time and generations. It reads ‘Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it’ and it couldn’t be any more correct.

The New York Learning Hub is, in no small way, bringing this quote to life by stopping at nothing and leaving no stone unturned in a bid to improve the lives of Nigerians, and in turn, make the country better off for it.

The New York Learning Hub led by Prof. MarkAnthony Nze is fully set to offer 100% scholarships to a whopping 100,000 Nigerians who wish to get educated at the globally acclaimed institution.

These 100,000 beneficiaries will be drawn from all across the states and 774 local governments in the country, and they will be people who have the potential to become the next big thinkers who will chart another path for the nation through great innovations. They also need to be people who can fit into the vision of the New York Learning Hub to build a dynamic world in business and business-related endeavours.

About the New York Learning Hub

Founded in 2022, the New York Learning Hub is a globally acclaimed learning citadel known for its positive deviation from the norm as far as business institutions and citadels of learning are concerned. The Learning Hub challenges several traditional business principles and processes and bests them with its approach to issues in the business world.

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The New York Learning Hub is an institution of higher learning based in New York and focused on charting a new course and creating a new pathway to excellence through innovation. Its passion lies in raising a new generation of business experts who can think up better solutions to the most problematic business and corporate issues in today’s world.

The founder of the New York Learning Hub is a highly acclaimed media expert and literary heavyweight, Prof. MarkAnthony Nze, whose dream and focus is to transform the minds of the old and young likewise and build people who are positively different.

Prof. MarkAnthony Nze has remained consistent in ensuring that people, societies, and by extension, humanity get a better deal than it is currently getting.

In the past months, Nze has led the institution to gain a positive reputation as one of the fastest-growing citadels of learning in New York. The school has become a choice institution for business students and experts within and outside the United States who are drawn to its unconventional, never-before-seen, and massively successful approach to learning.

As the New York Learning Hub continues to make massive strides, it continues to challenge conventional business processes, simplify them, and proffer innovative solutions to the world’s biggest business challenges.

Why Scholarships for 100,000 Nigerians?

This scholarship offer is hinged on the vision of Prof. Nze, to impact the lives of people in no small way by enlightening their minds and exposing them to knowledge that money cannot buy.

Nze, and the New York Learning Hub instituted this scholarship for Nigerians having looked at the sad and worrisome state of education and educational institutions in Nigeria, as well as the terrible unemployment levels in the country.

As more young people struggle to make ends meet, even more of them suspend their dreams and aspirations because they lack the funds to chase after and accomplish them.

Knowing full well that half-baked youths and graduates who come out of various institutions without the potential to add value to the world around them will always be stranded and unfulfilled, the learning hub is out to create value out of people who desire to become more than they currently are.

While there will always be youths who are satisfied with being mediocre and average, there are others who aim to be so much more and do more for themselves and society.

The New York Learning Hub is aimed at imparting the relevant skills and knowledge to people who chase after knowledge and self-development but are unable to pay the financial price for it.

The magnanimous Prof. MarkAnthony Nze will make it possible for 100,000 Nigerians to study some of the most sought-after courses taught at the New York Learning Hub under the tutelage of the best set of instructors and facilitators from around the world.
Winners of these scholarships will be opportune to gain world-class knowledge of courses such as:

• Human Resource Management
• Health And Social Care Management
• Strategic Management And Leadership
• International Business Law
• Education Management And Administration
• Media Management And Practice

Interested applicants can take advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain knowledge worth thousands of dollars at no cost at all. There are online and face-to-face learning options available, depending on the location of the scholarship recipient and lecture schedule.

For further inquiries about this scholarship, interested applicants can send an email to [email protected] to find out how to participate and what the institution requires of you.

You can also visit the New York Learning Hub’s official website at or send a WhatsApp message to +1 (347) 981-7348.

Rest assured that the procedure for choosing the scholarship recipients is transparent, and the scholarship is open to all Nigerians regardless of tribe or religion, provided the criteria are duly met.

The New York Learning Hub continues to open its arms to young people all around the world in its bid to position them for a worthwhile career and a bright future, and these investments will always be remembered by the people whose lives have been transformed and continue to be transformed by Prof. MarkAnthony Nze and the New York Learning Hub.

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