Pastor Enoch Adeboye Of RCCG And His Unrepentant Nepotism

Pastor Enoch Adeboye Of RCCG And His Unrepentant Nepotism
Pastor Enoch Adeboye

In Nigeria, there are various pointers that could help delineate the audacity of religious hypocrisy which has become a culture, perhaps it could help in exposing the blatant lies, cruelty, and evils perpetrated in the name of Organised Religion. In the interest of self-awakening, it has become imperative to bring to the fore the shenanigans of those who conceitedly carry on as the mouthpiece of the Creators of human race on earth and pontificate on both mundane and spiritual matters. 

Very sadly, the religious charlatans are mostly getting away with their manipulation because of the disposition of the Nigerians and the African continent generally to Organised Religion, to be more succinct; religious matters have been considered a ‘no-go’ area or red zone during conversations, especially when they concern mere men who have now assumed demi-deity status, little wonder they are practically worshipped.

At this point, it is pertinent to reiterate that the standard practice which Africans have refused to break away from is being coaxed to follow sheepishly some puritanical dogmas. This practice is what has held Africa down. it is the only reason Africa has remained far below the pecking order when juxtaposed with other continents.

No matter how one chooses to look at it, churches in Nigeria have become sources of employment for the unemployed and sources of wealth for the fetish therefore, the church as presently constituted in Nigeria is a scam of the highest order which does nothing but prey on emotional spiritualism. The Creators or Supreme Beings of the universe have now become a transactional referral to the so-called Pastors or clerics who are seen as ultimate support to Organised Religion.

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Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) is one of the people who has now assumed this notorious position which we now refer to as ‘Men of God’, who by the virtue of the positions they now occupy in the dysfunctional society is now an important personality to be reckoned with in the church business in Nigeria. He presently sits as the General overseer of no fewer than 5 million members worldwide.

Adeboye who began his journey in the church business in 1973 by serving as an interpreter to the church’s founder – Rev. Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi, later be ordained as a pastor in 1981. Now, forty years after assuming the position of a General Overseer in this Church, he has refused to give up on nepotism. Please kindly peruse the list below;

The following includes the Regional Structure of the RCCG and the Pastors-in-Charge:

Region 1 (Ebute Meta)- Pastor Seun Adebayo
Region 2 (Shomolu) – Pst. J.O Obayemi/National Overseer
Region 3 (Osun) – Pastor Adediran Johnson
Region 4 (Kwara)- Pastor Akintunde Abdullahi
Region 5 (Rivers)- Pastor Belemina Obunge
Region 6 (Enugu, Anambra and Ebonyi) – Pastor Daniel Ajayi-Adeniran
Region 7 (Taraba and Adamawa) – Pst Olumiji Ajibade
Region 8 (Jos) – Pastor Sunday Edward Akande
Region 9 (Kano) – Pastor Jide Akiode
Region 10 (Abuja and Niger)– Pastor Emmanuel Ibitayo
Region 11 (Lekki) – Pastor Charles Kpandei
Region 12 (Ogun) – Pastor Julius Olalekan
Region 13 (Edo State) – Pastor Dele Balogun
Region 14 (Akwa Ibom) – Pastor Richard Adeboye
Region 15 (Abia and Imo) – Pastor Peter Akalamudo
Region 16 (Borno) – Pastor Sesan Akinnawo
Region 17 (Bauchi) – Pastor Deji Afuye
Region 18 (Sokoto, Zamfara and Kebbi) – Pastor Ola Adejubee
Region 19 (Lagos) – Pastor Brown Oyitso
Region 20 (Apapa)– Pastor Idowu Iluyomade
Region 21(Oyo) – Pastor Dele Balogun
Region 22 (Ondo) – Pastor Idris Umar
Region 23 (Delta)– Pastor E.A. Kalejaiye
Region 24 – Okenwa Boniface
Region 25 (Ekiti) – Pastor Goke Kuti
Region 26 (Ikorodu)– Pastor Nat. Adejuwon
Region 29 (Cross River)– Pastor Afolayan Ezekiel
Region 31- Pastor Peter Adedeji
Region 32 – Pastor A.M. Aduradola
Region 33 – Pastor David Adewuyi
Region 35 – Pastor Bisi Akande

A careful look at this list would reveal that out of 35 pastors who superintend over several regions in the business (Church), only two non-Yoruba’s were deemed worthy! If this is not systematic nepotism then what is it? Enoch Adeboye barely hides his disdain for non-Yoruba members of his church. People who have had close dealings and relations with him have severally posited that the church rarely treats Yoruba’s and non-Yoruba’s equally in the church. The truth is that with this in mind, it is difficult to believe that the church is the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and not the ‘Yoruba Christian Church of God (YCCG)’.

It is so sad to see African accuse Whites of racism, the truth is that differentiating racism from tribalism is something that would be too difficult to do. How a fellow Nigerian would habour this level of contempt for his fellow countrymen and women as a moral ‘authority’ which are called pastors would definitely get anybody with a conscience thinking. Tribalism has taken over the proceedings in a gathering of people who are supposed to preach against it. RCCG is just too nepotistic and tribalistic, in fact, the TRUTH is that the only aspect of the church that is not tribalistic is the offering and tithe. Perhaps this is the only sector of the church where the ‘Holy Spirit’ respects federal character.

Adeboye has carefully entrenched the lopsided such that it would require holistic and systematic changes to effect a balance. And before the reader comes with the discredited narratives that suggested that the pastors grew through the ranks, at least by going deep into the history of the church as earlier stated, Adeboye started out as an interpreter, translating sermons from Yoruba to English, and English to Yoruba; now was the English translation for Yoruba people who did not understand Yoruba? If non-Yoruba’s were there, how come they didn’t grow through the ranks if not for ethnic stereotyping and hate?

If a religious setting gleefully adopts and promotes sectional and lopsided appointments, why then should we condemn lopsided political appointments in the secular setting? In fact, with this in mind, it is easier to understand why they lack the boldness and moral justification to condemn Buhari; why saying anything or condemning the lopsided appointment of President Muhammadu Buhari – The grand commander in Chief of Nepotism in Africa?

Despite nominating his fellow Yoruba pastor, Yemi Osinbajo (who later became a slave to the Fulani Oligarchy) as running mate to Buhari in 2015, Adeboye has conveniently found it easy to keep quiet in the face of the maladministration which he enthroned. When it appears that his silence is becoming dangerous, he simply resorts to deluding his followers and congregants that a prayer warrior is more effective than an activist, urging them to pray for the failures he played big roles in manipulating upon Nigerians. Well, the truth is that Adeboye is only quiet because he shares so much in common with the inept administration and prominent amongst them is nepotism.

Although the 78-year-old ranks low on the flamboyance roll-call of the West African nation’s mega televangelists, It is hard to know the true extent of Pastor Adeboye’s wealth, the lines are blurred between what belongs to the church and what is his – estimates of his fortune vary from $60m (£46m) to $130m and the honest truth is that the biggest patronisers of his tribal business are non-Yorubas particularly, Igbo people who are well scattered all over Nigeria. This is indisputable as the records are available for everyone to see. So why then are these not good enough to occupy sensitive positions in the church’s hierarchy?

From all indications, Adeboye has proven beyond doubt that he would be worse than Buhari if their roles were reversed. At least Buhari doesn’t hoodwink people using Organised Religion which has proven to be Africa’s bane.

Hypocrite!!! so you worship your criminal pastor more than the Jesus Christ whom you claim is your saviour?

Finally to the hypocritic non-Yoruba followers and congregants at the tribalistic coven who worship their ‘GO’ even more than the fictitious Christ whom he claims to be representing, you should be reminded that donating your life-savings to pastors and churches will not immune you from illnesses, unemployment, road traffic accidents, and other tragedies, but it will make the pastors stupendously rich and support their ostentatious and affluent lifestyles. Free Yourself from shackles of Organised Religion and break free from tribalists like Pastor Enoch Adeboye; pursue uprightness and nature would be kind to you.