Unmasking Odumodu Gbulagu with Anambra state ₦5m bounty

Unmasking Odumodu Gbulagu with Anambra state ₦5m bounty

By Odumodu Gbulagu


Whoever knew me on this space knows that I’m a social critic and an advocate of good governance who loves to write and oftentimes get my articles published on different news web portals.
I write about virtually everything, from history, wars, humanity in general, to burning social issues, but With special interest in politics and leadership.

I have been around for a very long time, and have not spared Buhari or any other bad leader there is.
Many of my friends here can attest that they got endeared to me because of my activities on the comment sections of the pages of online news platforms and my strong criticism against Buhari.

As an advocate of good governance I have also been a critic of Obiano administration who is the governor of my home state of Anambra, because of his crass failure of leadership.
If you check very well, I have unveiled worse things about the Governor during the campaign for his re-election.
Probably then, many people were still blinded by his barefaced lies and outright scam.

It didn’t come as a surprise to me that my name started trending on Tuesday night, the 25th day of June 2019, as the state government placed a 5 million naira bounty on my head for anyone that could unmask my true identity.
Some overzealous aides of Anambra state Governor even made a fortune out of it.

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What actually happened was that my posts exposes the lies, deceit and propaganda of Obiano’s administration and the plans of his kitchen cabinet that are not meant to go public at all.
From madam’s high handedness and total control of the governor and state apparatuses, her request for cabinet shakeup because of the Commissioners and aides loyal to Umeh and Bianca (which Akabuike the erstwhile commissioner of health was a casualty), the drunkenness, confusion and acute failure and the frivolous lifestyle and spending of Governor Willie Obiano using Anambra taxpayers money; and especially the series I have been posting titled: … and Obiano is doing well according to his aides,
(200 issues formulated for Obiano and his aides.) unsettled Obiano’s government because of the truths contained therein.

What unsettled them the most was the post I made about the 80 billion naira found in the governor’s account, the invitation of his Chief of Staff by the EFCC, Osodieme’s fall out with the Chief of Staff, and his banishment from the lodge.

For them to get to me and to determine the source of my information, One Chika Ibeneme an ex convict who abandoned his wife and kid, and who is an SA to Osodieme, went to the sites that publish my articles,  (www.africatodaynewsonline.com, and www.africadailynews.net) and because he saw that the media outfits published everything I wrote on Obiano and Anambra state; got the public information of the site, and the name of the publisher, then made it public as Odumodu Gbulagu.

Chika, together with the likes of Harrison Madubueze, and others flooded the pictures of Nze MarkAnthony, his phone number and address as Odumodu Gbulagu.
That was when the social media got wind of the plan of the state government, and it caught fire and went viral.

One thing about most of the Governor’s aides is that they think they own Anambra state, and have the right to personally attack anyone who criticizes the Governor, without putting up a defence of the man that paid them with taxpayers money.
James Eze had often written that anyone who points out the ills of the Governor is a kidnapper who was displaced by security operatives, and who found solace in the social media to continue the trade unabated.
That’s how their mentality is….
They make more enemies for the Governor, than protecting and projecting his image.

I had warned people like Harrison severally on his mode of attacking people personally, as they have a lot of skeletons in their cupboards, which if made public would ruin them forever.
Since they have decided to go low, I’m promising each and everyone of them that in this battle for the soul of our state, the fight will get dirtier and nobody would be spared.
They must reap the fruits of their labour.

Prior to now, over 650 aides of the governor were already penciled down for sack, but because of my revelations, the Governor has backtracked, and stated that if he sacked these aides, there would be no one to defend them in the media.
They owe me bottles of crystal champagne (official drink of the Governor) for saving their jobs.
Their jobs are actually hard, because because defend Buhari and Obiano without sounding ridiculous and looking stupid.

The questions I want the reading public to ask are:
1. If my revelations about Governor Obiano and his government are lies, why place a bounty on my head?
2. Why haven’t the aides of the governor debunked or proved my expositions wrong with superior argument?

I’m resuming the publication of the next 50 questions for the Governor and his aides in the series today.
I hope that the bounty will increase by another 5 million by the time I’m through with this 50.

To my comrades in the Social media, we hope the search for Odumodu continues with a better and increased bounty.
To the entire Ndi Anambra, we must take our state back to the right path.
Even if I’m arrested or unmasked in this bid, I have nothing to lose.